If you have plans that entail more than one project, coordination with other contractors is important. It is best that rough grading or clearing of the yard is completed before installation of fence posts. This means that grade should be within a couple of inches of final grade. Any dips or humps should be removed. Posts set before sprinklers are installed will eliminate the chance of sprinkler lines being placed in the wrong location or too near the fence line where they could be broken. After fence installation, sprinkler heads can now be placed correctly without the chance of being damaged or unnecessarily spraying the fence.

Setting the posts before top soil or ground cover is in place will eliminate rocks from the excavated holes being mixed with this material. If concrete pads are being poured where posts will be located it is important to set posts first so that additional cost is not incurred for cutting holes in the concrete for posts. Final grade is best done after the fence is completed so that the grade follows the straight line of the fence. This will eliminate gaps under the fence that would be impossible to detect before the fence is installed.