Fiberglass Pergola

Incredibly strong and virtually weather-proof

Fiberglass Pergola

Our fiberglass pergolas are incredibly strong and virtually weather-proof. It will never warp, rot or split because it doesn’t expand and contract with the weather. Fiberglass is stronger than steel, but lighter than wood, making it perfect for a sturdy shade structure.

Our protruded fiberglass structures carry a Lifetime Warranty and will never rot, warp, twist, split or become weak in the joints because the fiberglass material does not expand and contract through the change in seasons or allow moisture and insects to penetrate it’s surface.

Our fiberglass components are pound for pound stronger than steel but much lighter than wood.  They have twice the heat distortion index of pvc vinyl and the freeze/thaw cycle will not cause our systems to become brittle and fall apart. Fiberglass is also not susceptible to permanent denting like aluminum after a simple hail storm but instead will absorb a significant blow without effect.

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