Exotic Wood Decking

Also known as iron wood there is nothing stronger or more beautiful


Some of the most expensive wood available but also some of the strongest and most beautiful wood as well.

These woods include such products as IPE, Tiger Wood and Mahogany

If you are looking for something exotic and beautiful for your deck check out our collection of exotic woods. All of these woods fall into the category of what is called iron wood. Once you try to cut, drill or work with this wood you will understand why. These species are some of the hardest and most durable woods available.  Our Exotic wood collection are by far the most expensive decking products that we install, however, if you want a wood deck and are not afraid of a little maintenance we highly recommend using an exotic wood if you cannot be talked into a low maintenance and highly durable composite deck board.  Our exotic wood decking includes ipe, tiger wood and mahogany.

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