Privacy option

Most commonly used vinyl fence option

Privacy Vinyl Fencing

The most popular wood alternative, vinyl is a low cost, low maintenance fencing product.
Never needs sanding or staining, won’t split or rot.
Vinyl comes in several colors and styles, from short picket to tall privacy fences.
Vinyl has a limited lifetime product warranty.

About Vinyl Fencing


Vinyl fencing is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Manufacturers mix PVC resin with ultraviolet inhibitors, toners and stabilizers to form vinyl fence panels that are malleable. When the panels dry, they become rigid and resilient. The process allows vinyl fencing to be made in many styles and sizes with fence caps and decorative tops.


Numerous styles of vinyl fencing are available for any application. Picket vinyl fences work well to define or divide garden areas while allowing a view into those areas. Privacy fences are solid to keep neighbors from seeing into private locations. Semi-privacy vinyl fences usually have an opening or semi-opening, such as lattice, above the solid area. Ranch-rail fencing is a good choice for large areas; it provides large openings between its horizontal rails.


Vinyl fencing is very low maintenance and does not require staining or painting like Cedar fencing requires.

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