Helical Piers

Looking for the strongest and less obtrusive footing solution? Consider having us install helical piers to support your deck.

Helical Piers

Helical piers are becoming a the go-to footing solution for decks and various other applications. No matter how hard you try, the use of heavy equipment needed to build concrete footings is going to destroy a finished yard and cause frustration. Helical piers don’t require any excavation, and there’s no need for concrete trucks.

Helical piers are not new to the construction industry. They have been used as far back as the early 1800’s. Helical piers are basically large metal screws that are driven into the ground. They are typically used as footings for structures when traditional masonry footings are not a practical or economical solution. The beauty of this foundation system is that you’re guaranteed to end up with a solid footing every time.

Dealing with poor soil condition is where helical piers have traditionally been used. If you where to build a building in a swamp or poor soil conditions that required you to dig down fifty feet to hit solid soil probably is not a great option. But driving down a bunch of piers is relatively easy.

Are helical piers the right solution for your project?

Helical piers in many cases tend to be more expensive then a typical concrete footing. However, in many circumstances helical piers may be your best option. Particularly if you would like to minimize the impact to your yard, are dealing with poor soil conditions (such as standing water or high water table), are concerned with frost heave or are looking for the best solution for your footings.

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