What kind of access do you need?

When considering gates and their placement it is important to evaluate not only where you would like to have access into your yard but also what you will be bringing into it. Also, keep in mind the more gates you have the more difficult it is to manage the security of your yard.

What size of gate is needed?

While it is important to have a gate that is large enough to allow access for the things that you need, it is also important to note that the smaller the gate the lighter it will be as well. The lighter the gate the easier it is to handle and the longer it will hold up. If you are looking at getting something into your yard that is quite large only once in a great while it may be wiser and more economical to remove a panel of fence and put it back into place when finished rather than adding a large gate.

Do you want a gate that blends into your fence line or stands out as an aesthetic compliment?

If you are looking for a gate that is not easily noticed and blends into the rest of the fence, it can be built to look essentially like the fence. However, if you would like your gate to be a focal point of your yard and stand out, we do offer several styles of custom gates and arbors.