When planning your deck, consider the space you have to build it in. Is your backyard large, small, or maybe irregular? Visit our gallery for more examples of how we can build your deck no matter what type of yard you have.


With a small backyard, double-check your local building codes about setback requirements for your property. Design-wise, consider a multi-level deck that makes use of vertical space. The lower level could become a convenient storage space or patio. But remember, grills should not be used under decking areas due to ventilation and fire hazards.


If you have a lot of space, let your imagination run wild. Anything’s possible – multiple levels, pergolas or gazebos, sweeping curves and more. Large yards can be split into different activity areas – like a garden, a grilling station, a pool, etc.


An irregular space is where CFC really shines. Our ability to create curves lets you work around any obstruction, and easily maximize your space. What you thought were useless areas can become perfect nooks to enjoy your time outside.