When choosing a style of fence which best suits your purpose it is important to consider the reasons for installing a fence. Carefully evaluating the location, type/style, and function of your fence will ensure you are satisfied with the final results for years to come. Whatever the purpose, CFC can help. Whether you’re looking to establish a boundary, protect your children or pets, or create an elegant back drop for your private sanctuary, we have a fence that will meet your needs. For example:

  • If containment or exclusion is an issue, height and possibly style will dictate the most practical fence to install. The location of the fence (property line, natural barriers, usable areas, etc.) also will inform your decision-making.
  • If privacy is an issue or if you are trying to hide an unsightly view, a solid site-obscuring fence would be appropriate.
  • If safety or security is a priority (such as surrounding a pool), height may need to be considered.
  • If you are sharing fence costs with a neighbor, you may want to consider neighbor-friendly designs that will ensure both of you are receiving equal value.