When Planning for a Fence, consider the following:

  • Determine the Purpose of your Fence: The function provided by your fence should meet your particular needs. Defining an area, establishing a boundary, security, safety, privacy, screening, sharing a fence line, etc. should all be considered.
  • Select the Right Contractor: Your contractor should be licensed and insured as well as meet other criteria for ensuring the quality you expect and a satisfactory experience.
  • Meet your City or HOA requirements: Become familiar with regulations and restrictions that may govern the placement, height, and/or type of fence allowed in your area.
  • Choose the right Type of Materials: Consider function, durability, maintenance, and warranty.
  • Evaluate your Budget and your Costs: Are you considering installation or building it yourself? What are your financing options?
  • Choose you Fence Location: Are there existing property pins? Are there obstacles in the fence line such as vegetation or sprinklers? Are your neighbors aware of your plans and the placement of the fence? Timing: How do I coordinate installation of a fence with other landscaping or construction?
  • Think about Gate Size and Placement: What kind of access do you need? Do you want a gate that blends into your fence line or stands out as an aesthetic compliment?

>>> Download the Fence Project Preparation Checklist to help you through the necessary steps of an installation.

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