The Initial Walk-Through

On the date scheduled to begin your fencing project it is requested you take time to meet with the chief of the installation crew. There are several important reasons for the initial walk-through:

  • This is the time to verify again that the style of fence you have chosen and how many sections is what the installers are building. I.e.: considering all details inclusive of verifying color of a TREX® Fence and style of post caps (flat or pyramid), number of sections and discussing possible long sections if it is a Cedar fence.
  • Gate locations must be discussed. The location of each gate and width between gate posts are to be determined by the customer. The direction the gate and swing must also be decided. It can also impact how the gate hardware appears from the outside of the fence.
  • To locate property corner pins and property lines, and absolutely ensure that all posts for the fence line are where the customer wants each one. It matters and is the customers’ decision since it is ultimately their property and fence.
  • To ensure that the fence is not encroaching within any Blue Stakes markings indicating a public utility is in the way. A fence line cannot be placed within 24” of any public utility markings and the customer may need to make some decisions as to the fence line. The customer may also need to discuss with their neighbors the fence line based on the Blue Stakes markings.
  • Actual fence line grade and how the fence will slope or step. Fence height is also discussed. This will include a discussion of gapping under the fence line and how it will be affected by the final grading of the project.
  • Displacement of the excess dirt and other spoils from the post holes. Crews do not remove the spoils from the site without an additional charge, but they can displace the spoils onsite where the customer chooses.
  • Sprinkler systems and heads, their location and the immediate solutions if any lines are split or broken and need repair. A neighbors’ sprinkler system may also need to be discussed if it is too closely located to the agreed fence line location.
  • Removal and disposal of any previous fencing, shrubbery, trees or tree limbs etc.

Sometimes a change order is required due to unexpected and unforeseen conditions that can occur with any fencing project. When this happens the crew will ask the customer to discuss the change order and make all such changes, agreements with the office staff since the crew men are there to do the installation and are not trained on conducting pricing, price changes or estimates.

Once all conditions and fence post locations, details regarding gates, and displacement of post holes spoils etc are all determined and agreed upon; the crew man will ask for a signature on the walk-through paperwork that shows that all above issues have been discussed and agreed and that the crew has authorization to commence their work on your property.

The initial walk through can take from 15 minutes to an hour depending on how many details or questions arise, which varies from each project.

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