The Final Walk-Through

The Final Walk-Through

On the day the fence is completed, if it is possible, we request the customer meet again with the crew chief and conduct a final walk-through of their fencing project. There are two signatures we request for our paperwork in the office file. First we request the crew chief of the installation crew to conduct his own final walk-through with his crew. Our final walk-through paper work has a check list that our crew chief needs to ensure are completed:

  • All posts are solid, straight and plumb.
  • Excess dirt and spoils have been placed where instructed or disposed of if applicable and as agreed.
  • The fence project site has been cleared of all trash and fencing debris, including tools.
  • Fence lines run smoothly and are cut correctly.
  • All slats and caps are plumb and nailed off properly.
  • Installed product has been inspected for damage or defects.
  • Fence follows contour of the ground with minimal gaps as possible and allowed by grade.
  • All gates are hung as requested, the gates swing properly and the gate hardware is adjusted correctly.

The final walk-through paperwork also requests a dated signature from the customer that includes the following commitments:

  • The customer has duly inspected the project and work site.
  • The contracted work is completed satisfactorily.
  • The terms of the contract have been met.
  • Final payment will be submitted as outlined in the contract.

If there are any concerns regarding the workmanship or product, the best time to address these issues is right then when the crew is still on site with their materials and tools.

In the unlikely event that there are any concerns that cannot be addressed immediately, both the crew chief and the customer should agree on what concerns those are in detail, note those concerns on the final walk-through form where indicated, and the customer sign and date that acknowledgement.

That way, we can address those concerns much more quickly and efficiently and both parties can close the open invoice as expeditiously as possible. 

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