IFA Fence Installation

RH Johnson – IFA 2100 S SLC

The IFA (Intermountain Farmers Association) on 2100 South in Salt Lake City, Utah needed a solution to keep their fertilizer products safe from larceny. IFA’s general contractor RH Johnson Construction choose CFC Fences & Decks to help with this situation by confining IFA’s fertilizing products with a strong and durable commercial iron fence. Fence chosen for installation to set up a perimeter around the fertilizer was the Fortress Iron Classic Pressed Spear.

Total footage on this project was 224’ that included 27 sections with 2 walk gates and 1 12’ double gate. The Fortress Iron fence installed is a three rail 8’ tall fence with pressed pickets for a spear top look. Post Ball Caps a product upgrade were installed on the posts tops that provided a more luxurious design. The interesting thing on this project was that our dandy digger tractor had to drill for post holes through 4” of asphalt for our installers to set posts.

IFA has been providing services for their customers since 1923 by selling reasonably priced agricultural products, farming supplies, and bulk feed. IFA stores are located throughout Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico. CFC Fences & Decks is glad to help IFA to secure their fertilizing products by building a commercial iron fence that will stand for protection for years to come.

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