Landform Design

Trex fencing has an innovative design that is popular with landscape architects.

Some of our recurring clients are landscape architects who are looking for innovative products that compliment property themes and designs.  Trex fencing is a natural solution for many of these projects because of its distinct design and low maintenance attributes. Not surprisingly, therefore, landscape architects select Trex fencing as a component of a design package. The added benefits of strength and durability make Trex an easy product to get behind when providing a proposal to a prospective client.

We’re done quite a bit of work for a Salt Lake City based landscape architect firm named Landform Design Group. Their designs often call for Trex fencing and we have done several jobs for them over the years. The principals at the firm have modern sensibilities and prefer to highlight the Winchester Grey color because it weathers to a distinct slate grey hue. We have had the fortune of seeing most of the properties after all of the project elements including fencing have been completed and the results are incredible considering how plain a property often looks before a redesign. Take a look at some of the projects in the company’s portfolio. Our Trex fence installations can be seen on the Froerer, Day, and Raybould projects.

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