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Planning your yard, Fencing—Property Corners and Lines

Property owners who are planning their landscaping are well-served to consider the fence line location compared to the respective property corners and lines. Whether working with a landscaper or Do-it-yourself (DIY), where these lines are located is very important to ensure one property owner is not encroaching on another’s property lines.

The best way to determine property lines is to contract with a surveyor and have the corners of the property marked with accurate property locator pins.

Sometimes neighbors who are sharing a fence line can agree to share in the cost of the survey since both parties are mutually benefited in avoiding any property line disputes that will require future resolution.

Obtaining a plat map from your local County Recorder’s office is also an effective method to ensure there are valid starting points to begin marking property corners and stringing lines for the fence line. Many counties have their public information online and can be accessed from your home or office computer and printed out without having to go in to their offices.

If you have Title Company paperwork from a previous transaction will include a plat map and legal description.

It is always beneficial to speak with and agree with all adjacent neighbors, even if their property is not improved or they do not live locally, on where the fence line is going to be placed.

It is important to note that Blue Stakes does not mark for property corners or property lines.

For assistance in locating property pins and lot measurements, visit your County Assessor and Recorder public website, or contact them directly:

Utah County Assessor
100 E Center Street, Rm 1100
Provo, UT 84606
(801) 851-8295

Salt Lake County Assessor
2001 S State Street, N2300
Salt Lake City, UT 84190
(801) 468-3050

Summit County Assessor
60 North Main
Coalville, UT 84017
(435) 336-3257

Wasatch County Assessor
25 North Main
Heber City, Utah 84032
(435) 657-3221

Other Counties:
It is best to call or visit the assessor’s office for assistance

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