Estates and Mini Estates

Estates:  The Estates style is a full privacy fence with an ornate post top and mid-rail and overlapping slats. The 6×6 posts make this fence particularly sturdy in heavy winds. Mini Estates: The [...]

Cedar Split Rail

There are a variety of products and styles available for open space ranch-style fencing. One of them is the cedar split rail. This is the most rustic looking of the fences we offer and is very [...]

CFC Standards for a Cedar Fence

If you are thinking of installing a cedar fence – here are some things that set CFC apart from the competition. CFC buys directly from North Western (Milled in the USA) mills – and can pass that [...]

Cedar Split Rail Fencing

CFC Fences and Decks is the major supplier of Cedar Split rail fencing in Utah, and feature Cedar Split Rail fencing products from Idaho Timber.  It is available in stock and ready to install. [...]

Staining Your Cedar Fence

Whether or not you stain your Cedar fence ultimately is a personal preference. Many HOA’s require Cedar and Wood fences are painted or stained.  In those cases there is usually a requirement for [...]

Affordable Fencing – Dog Ear

Dog Ear Cedar Fencing – Our most popular economy privacy fence design I get asked quite a bit during estimating what fence compares in price to basic vinyl fencing. The best option is our Dog Ear [...]

Clearing Fence Lines

Clearing the fence lines— Before our crews can come out to begin stringing the string lines as to where the fence will be built, those lines need to be cleared of all encumbrances to provide [...]

Fence Considerations: Dog Owners

Dog Fencing and Escape Artists There are many extremely agile and athletic and dog breeds that one might attempt to contain like the American Pit Bull Terrier, Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, [...]

Custom Style Fence Considerations

Things to Consider When Thinking About a Custom Style Fence: There many options for a home owner to consider when opting for a custom style fence with a lattice top or a more open style of fence. [...]

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