CFC Standards for a Cedar Fence

If you are thinking of installing a cedar fence – here are some things that set CFC apart from the competition.

CFC buys directly from North Western (Milled in the USA) mills – and can pass that saving on because there is no middle man.
CFC pursues only premium cedar products we use #2 or better no prior pick – we do not buy economy cuts or Chinese cedar.
The cedar products we offer are a Western Red or incent cedar.

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When choosing a more upper end style of cedar fence with 6×6 posts – we will use a 9’ or 10’ tall post so there is plenty of post in the ground. Our competitors typically use an 8’ tall post because they are less expensive are more readily available (this means there may only be 1.5’ feet of post in the ground), and at times they are bidding treated pine posts that don’t have near the longevity of cedar (whether it’s a 4×4 or 6×6 post project).

The slats and rails we use on fence installations are a premium cedar product. Some of our competitors will use a Douglas fir rail (or pine) and an economy cedar slat (that the knots will fall out of) or a cedar tone slat that is pine.
CFC standard practice for attaching the slats and rails is to use a ring shank nail. The ring shank nail has ribs on it that won’t allow it to come loose. Other fence installation companies may use a staple (for the slats) and brackets (for the rails) – in our experience (25 years) this is not as secure as the ribbed nail – because lumber will expand a contract in the seasons, causing these applications to fail over time. Screwing in the slats and rails is a durable as the ring shank nail, but is very time consuming – therefore it can be costly.

Cedar Slats

The premium cedar products that CFC use will add to the longevity of your fence line. Cedar (like redwood) has a natural resistance to moisture and insects.
CFC offers cedar fence materials for the do it yourself handy man that is looking to save some money on the installation. We stock products that the big box stores don’t carry at a very competitive price. If there are custom products for outdoor structures (like pergolas) we can usually have them here in one working day – and we have a shop for custom cut orders.

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