Cedar Fencing Sections and Footers

We often come across a Cedar fencing project that requires the removal and disposal of the previously existing Cedar or chain link or vinyl fence. These fence posts that already exist will need to be removed and what is customary in the fencing industry is to simply cut of the posts below grade level.

But what happens with the concrete footers that are already in the ground?

Since the new fence line being installed will usually go along the same line as the old fence, the old footers will be a little below grade and covered by the new fencing material.

Some of the footers, especially at the property corners or old gate posts may simply have to be dug up and removed. Since there is an additional charge in having to remove the footers due to greatly increased time on the job and labor, not to mention concrete disposal, we have a solution to this situation.

Working with Cedar fencing products allows us much flexibility in that wood material can be cut and trimmed to many different fencing styles (Canyon Winds, Mini Winds, Estates are some examples of our Cedar fencing styles that you can preview at www.fenceutah.com). We can also use several lengths for each Cedar fencing section which allows us to sometimes bypass the existing concrete footers that are in the ground.

Typically when building a Cedar fence, we try to stay with the 8’ on center of each post for a section of fencing because Cedar fencing materials, such as 2×4’s and 2×6’s for Cedar fencing railings, as a standard come in 8’ and 10’ lengths.

When meeting with our crew chief in stringing the line for your fence he may show you options and locations on your fence line to shorten the 8’ section a little bit or lengthen the section to just under 10’. Doing this will allow the crews to bypass the concrete footers already in the ground and your new Cedar fence can go right over those and new Cedar posts set with new concrete footers.

One of the main reasons to consider this option is the additional cost that adds up quickly when the crews have to break, dig, remove, and dispose of each footer along your previous fence line. The savings in adding some well placed shorter or longer sections can be substantial.

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