Getting to Know your Options: Split Rail & Lodge Pole

CFC Fences and Decks offers many options fence options ranging from wood to composite, iron and faux rock. In this seven part series, we will explore the attributes, warranty, cost effectiveness, look, dimensions, and maintenance of each of the types of fence CFC Fences and Decks offers for installation.


Split Rail: The Split Rail style is an open space fence. This fence is popular on ranch property or if a more rustic look is desired. Cedar also resists insect infestation. Western red cedar wood has a distinct color which left uncoated will weather to a silver gray color. Cedar split rail fence is very rustic in appearance. Each rail and post come in a slightly different size and shape.

   Lodge Pole: The most rustic and durable rail fencing in the industry. The sturdy posts are chamfered and drilled to hold the 3”- 4” rails, creating a perfect fit and finish. Our Lodge Pole in two, three or four rails looks great in the front yard, around the ranch house or surrounding your property.


Split Rail: Built in 10’ long sections using 5-7”x5-7”x5 ¼’ or 6 ½’ posts and 3-5”x10’ rails.

   Lodge Pole: Built in 8’ long sections using 3-4” rails.


Average Cost:  Low


Warranty: CFC uses quality materials inspected and certified for the use in our installations, but because of the natural properties of wood, materials are not warranted.

Maintenance: Split Rail is resistant to moisture and insects due to natural elements contained in the Cedar and Lodge Pole fences are built using treated lumber.  Due to the aforementioned factors, there is no maintenance required on either style fence.

To see more examples of these styles, visit our galleries. If you would like a free estimate give us a call and we can set you up for one at your earliest convenience.

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