Provo Wetlands – Split Rail Fencing

The city of Provo had a wetland preservation project that included installing a fence around the perimeter. To fit in with the rustic look of the area, the fence installed was a split rail fence. This fence is measured in 10 foot sections, and measured from the center of each post. Instead of setting posts first and building the fence later, this type of fence is build-as-you-go. First, set a post, insert the rails, then set the next post.

The fence length on this project totaled 1,200 linear feet. There was access for our handy Dandy Digger tractor, so that helped ease the digging labor. The crews were able to complete the project in about two and half working days. That’s about 500 feet per day!

As a side note, this project was completed in the winter, so the crew had to deal with moving snow and digging in frozen ground. But winter doesn’t deter CFC Fences & Decks. We build fences year round!

Split rail fence Provo City

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