Options for a Rail Fence

When considering a rail fence project there are a handful of options to choose from. There is the (Cedar) split rail fence with its rustic, rough look, the log (lodge) pole (treated pine with [...]

Mow Strip Details and Recommendations

If you are considering a mow strip under your fence there are some things that you need to be aware of, and that we would recommend. How wide and deep do you want the mow strip – depending [...]

SimTek Fencing

Look: SimTek fence provides a durable, beautiful alternative to standard commercial or residential fencing. Created with the look and feel of stone, this sturdy commercial strength fence will [...]

Dog Fencing – Height Considerations

While dogs are a man’s best friend they also a part of what we call the 3-D’s of fencing; namely Dogs, Deer, and Delinquents. As dog owners ourselves we can appreciate the special needs that are [...]

Estates and Mini Estates

Estates:  The Estates style is a full privacy fence with an ornate post top and mid-rail and overlapping slats. The 6×6 posts make this fence particularly sturdy in heavy winds. Mini Estates: The [...]

Cedar Split Rail

There are a variety of products and styles available for open space ranch-style fencing. One of them is the cedar split rail. This is the most rustic looking of the fences we offer and is very [...]

Staining a Cedar Fence

After a new cedar fence is installed, many of our customers ask how to get their new wood fence stained. We here at CFC do not do staining, but we do know quite a few options for you to get the [...]

Post Master Steel Fence Posts

Worried about needing to replace your wood fence down the road when the posts begin to deteriorate? CFC Fences and Decks stocks the PostMaster® steel fence post.  According to Master Halco, the [...]

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