Things to Consider When Starting a Fence Project

Things to Consider When Starting a Fence Project

(From and Estimators Point of View)

 Whether you’re considering the virtues and longevity of Trex® or Simtek®, the openness and elegance of Fortress ® iron (steel), the natural beauty of a upper end Cedar fence, or the economical value of a standard wood fence, you will want to start by asking yourself a few simple questions.

  • What are my property lines – make sure your abutting neighbors are aware of the project, and agree upon the fence line (do you need to have the property surveyed). It is not uncommon for the neighbors that share in the fence line to also share in its cost.
  • Where do you want the fence lines to return to the home – are there windows, window wells, or a door that exits the garage – that you would prefer to have in the back yard for security reasons. Where do you want access points (gates) – is it more practical for a double (drive) gate on one side or the other – do you need a wider walk gate for a riding lawn mower or small equipment – do you want (or need) access to an open area on the back line – and most important what will match my home, the surrounding neighbor hood, and my budget.
  • If there is a grade change or rock wall – how do I want the fence line to traverse those challenges – do I want it to step, or slope naturally with the grade (the Fortress ® iron racks with a grade change so there are not unnecessary gaps) – will there be gaps under the fence if traversing a rock wall.

These are all questions that should be talked about and considered. Also here are some websites to help you review the products –,, – make sure you review their warranties while on their sites.

Please give CFC Fences and Decks a call (801-374-6428) for a free estimate and to have one of our estimators help you with some of these questions.


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