Communication is Key

When deciding to build a new fence, you must always keep in communication with all parties involved, whether it is neighbors, spouses, etc.

Sometimes, one spouse is involved with the initial estimate, but another may be the person walking through the project with the crew when the project is started. These people must communicate with each other the ideas they have about the project. Occasionally, the expectation one spouse has is not the same as the others’ ideas. This creates confusion for the installers, and can cause frustration if a part of the fence was installed differently than the other spouse wanted.

Usually, a property shares property lines with the adjacent neighbors. Because of this, any neighbors should be informed if a fence is being built, or if a fence is being taken out for a new one to be installed. Animals should be contained so they do not get involved with the fence installation. And neighbors may need to help clear any fence lines to allow for an easy installation.

In short, communication is always extremely important between all involved parties so the expectations of the fence can be properly set, and frustrations will be lessened.

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