Mow Strip Tip

When having a Trex Seclusions fence installed, many customers are also requesting a mow strip under their new Trex fence be included at an added cost. Typically this mow strip is approximately 5” wide and 4” deep. This mow strip is not only functional in keeping grass and weeds from growing directly under the fence making weed eating more cumbersome, it is also decorative and makes a cleaner look to the Trex fence.

After the Trex posts are set allow the concrete footers on each post to cure for at least 48 hours before framing up and pouring the mow strip. Once the footers are cured, frame for the mow strip to be poured. It is important to note that the mow strip should only go between the Trex post and not surround the post. Because Trex is a composite material it will still have expansion and contraction with heat/cold and other weather changes which is why the Trex post shouldn’t be completely surrounded by the mow strip. This will help prevent expansion from cracking the mow strip.

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