Where to Put Your Fence

When deciding where to put your fence.

There is more to it then stringing a line. After stringing the line you will need to decide what side of the property line it will go. It is important to talk to any neighbors involved to make sure that you are in agreement about where the fence should be placed in relation to your property line.  Next call blue stakes to make sure all utility lines have been identified.  Finally it is a good idea to have your installer and all parties involved to do a walk though on the project. Make sure when you start to dig that all sprinkler lines are clear.  Breaking a line can be an easy fix however you still don’t want to do something that could be avoided. After the walk thought then you can start to lay your line out spray paint were each post will go.  It is a good idea to double check your measurements.  Most fences install on eight foot centers from the center of the first post to the next.

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