Hiring a Contractor

When you set out to build a fence or deck cost becomes a larger factor in what you end up with. If you decided you can afford to do the project there are a few things you will need to do to protect yourself and end up with a quality job you are looking for.

First thing before you start you must decide will you build the project yourself or have a contractor do the work.

If you are going to hire a contractor and do not know one personally you need to follow a few quick steps.

When choosing the contractor you do not already know get references and also call the local supply houses and ask if they know this contractor and the quality of work he does.

Make sure the contractor you hire is licensed in your state and the license is current. He should be able to show you his license. Check the date.

Make sure he has liability insurance and that it is current. His insurance company will be glad to send you a confirmation letter. Ask to be added as an insured on the police. You want to be sure that if an accident does happen on you property you are protected from lawsuits from anyone injured.

Call your local city or county planning office and ask if you will need a permit for the work you want done. If the answer is yes make sure the contractor gets the permit and posts it at the job site incase an inspector stops by to check the job he will want to see the permit.

Following these few steps can save you major and costly headaches later.


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