Trex Transcend Rope Swing

Rope Swing was one of the new Trex Transcend colors to come out in 2012. This color I would have to admit was not one of my favorites, but our first install of this color changed my mind. It was a soft color that complimented the brick on this home in Orem, Utah. The homeowner chose to accent the Rope Swing color with the rich dark brown color Vintage Lantern. We not only wrapped the outside in the dark but also did a two piece border around the top. James was tired of seeing his broken up concrete patio and wanted to not only cover it but enlarge the space for family get-togethers. As soon as the project was completed James took no time in setting things in order, as you can tell by the picture he had if filled with his tables and chairs ready for the family. Framed at 12” o.c. and with the border CFC Fences and Decks were able to run the decking at a diagonal and eliminate any seams throughout the entire deck, giving it a clean and finished look.

Rope Swing Deck

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