Fences and Spring Weather Damage

FENCES AND SPRING WEATHER DAMAGE Source: Lifetime Fence & Roof If you live in Utah, it’s pretty obvious that the weather doesn’t pay any attention to the calendar.  And it’s entirely possible [...]

Damaged Fences

In light of the recent storms that have been passing through Utah we thought that it might be interesting to show some pictures of some damaged fences. Vinyl         Iron         Cedar          [...]

Where to Put Your Fence

When deciding where to put your fence. There is more to it then stringing a line. After stringing the line you will need to decide what side of the property line it will go. It is important to [...]

Hiring a Contractor

When you set out to build a fence or deck cost becomes a larger factor in what you end up with. If you decided you can afford to do the project there are a few things you will need to do to [...]

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

  As fencing contractors we love dogs and disputing neighbors, because when an issue arises the first solution is to get a fence up as quick as possible. We at CFC have seen and have been [...]

Estates Fence Gothic Post Caps

The Ranches HOA in Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005 requires a very specific style of fence to be placed throughout the community. There are a few variations of the Estates fence that can be built, but [...]

Simtek vs Trex Fencing

In my personal opinion, there are two privacy fences on the market that are superior to other privacy fences. Those two fence products are Trex Fencing and SimTek Fencing. As to which one of [...]