SimTek Fencing

Look: SimTek fence provides a durable, beautiful alternative to standard commercial or residential fencing. Created with the look and feel of stone, this sturdy commercial strength fence will [...]

SimTek Changes

SimTek Product Line Changes: SimTek is a low maintenance composite fence similar to the composite Trex fence. SimTek gives customers a classic stone wall look without the high cost of masonry [...]

Clearing Fence Lines

Clearing the fence lines— Before our crews can come out to begin stringing the string lines as to where the fence will be built, those lines need to be cleared of all encumbrances to provide [...]

When the Focus is Function

There are special circumstances in which wood fences, despite their beauty, may not be your best choice for fencing. Maybe someone is looking for a low maintenance fence. Cedar Fencing is [...]

CFC Offers Simtek Fence

CFC is proud to offer a new fence in its portfolio of superior products. The SimTek Fence is a simulated rock wall fence. If you’re looking for a fence that creates the look of a stone [...]