Trex Gate Adjustments

Trex composite fence is made out of a mixture of recycled plastics and wood, a Trex composite fence gate weighs about 100 lbs.  Over time your new Trex composite fence gate may come out of alignment and start to sag due to expansion and contraction in the wood particles and the weight of the gate on the hinges.  This happens even when your Trex composite fence gate is properly installed and there is a simple fix to get your gate working properly again.  One way to tell if your gate needs some minor adjustments is to try opening and closing it.  Does the latch fit together properly? And is the action smooth?  If not then your gate may be sagging.  Most commonly, a Trex composite fence gate will sag in an outward direction away from the attached post and you will need to raise the latch side of the gate.  When using CFC Fences and Decks custom Trex composite fence gate hinges, on the top hinge loosen the post side nut and tighten the gate side nut.  Or, on the bottom hinge, loosen the gate side nut and tighten the post side nut.  Keep in mind that the latter option will push out the bottom of your gate creating a larger gab between the post and gate.

In extreme cases of sag especially prevalent with over-sized gates, an anti-sag kit may be beneficial.  Anti-sag kits contain a cable that is attached to your gate on the bottom of the latch side and on the top of the post side.  This cable is adjustable and adds some extra support to the internal metal frame of the gate.  Here at CFC Fences and Decks we are gate experts.  We specialize in wood, composite, iron, and faux rock wall fencing and we can assist you in adjusting any kind of gate.  Please contact our knowledgeable staff for help.  Here is a video showing a simple Trex composite fence gate adjustment.

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