Anticipate Your Fence Installation

When planning your outdoor living space it is easy to be caught up in all of the amenities that you have planned for your landscape design.  Where is the playhouse going to be located?  What about the trampoline, jungle gym on the bark bed, or the sports court? Where is your fire pit and entertainment space going to be located?  Trees, shrubs and flower beds are carefully planned for their location and the shade or color they will provide.   Often times, however, the consideration for the fence is either assumed or simply forgotten until as a last resort it must be installed with urgency and not coordinated properly with other landscaping features.


It is important to consider where all buried utility lines are located to service your home and personal utility lines that will service outdoor living spaces, as well.   Make sure that those lines do not conflict with the location of your fence, pergola or deck structures.  It is a simple matter of physics that two entities of mass cannot occupy the same space.  When the fence is installed, it is not uncommon for sprinkler lines that are too close to the property line, or gas lines from the house to service outdoor fire pits to both be struck and broken by digging to set fence posts.  This can be avoided by simply planning out buried lines of any kind to not conflict with structures, like fences or pergolas that will be installed at a later time.   Avoiding these conflicts will save you time and money by simply planning appropriately.

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