Spanish Fork City – Iron Fencing

Spanish Fork City, Utah installs Fortress TITAN fencing for new fairgrounds

Client: City of Spanish Fork, Utah

Product: TITAN Fortress Architectural Fence by Fortress™

Project Details: The City of Spanish Fork opened a new fairgrounds facility in time for their Rodeo Days event in Summer 2012. The new structure represents a multi-year initiative to develop a new venue for the popular event as well as year round use of the grounds for other events.

The City selected the Fortress TITAN product to encompass the entryway to the building and represented approximately 400’ of fencing and 15 single entryway gates, a large cantilever and a large double swing gate. The height of the fence is six feet and the selected style is Flat Top (the top rail is flush with the tops of the pickets).

As an added bonus, The Fortress Company selected photographs from the project to include in their annual showcase calendar!


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