Provo Wetlands

Provo City selects CFC to install Cedar Split Rail fencing around Wetlands

Client: City of Provo, Utah

Product: 3-rail rustic mortise and tenon cedar split rail fencing

Project Details: In a competitive bid situation, Provo City selected CFC Fences & Decks to build a fence around wetlands in the Mountain Vista Business Park Area. The property is located at approximately 2900 S. State Street.

According to the requirements of an Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 Permit, Provo City is required to install and maintain a perimeter fence around 2.79 acres of wetlands plus a 50 feet buffer. The fence will be maintained in perpetuity by Provo City as part of a Preserve Area Maintenance Management Plan. The purpose of the fence is cautionary and to clearly demarcate the wetlands and buffer area.

The total footage of the fence was approximately 2,200 and included a single Power River coated steel gate. The fence was built in just about a week and completed in early January. Considering the weather we’ve had this year in Utah, there was plenty of snow to dig through, but we were relieved that the fence project was complete before the ground froze.

These types of projects give us an extra sense of accomplishment. We are always proud to support community improvement projects and fencing off a wetlands area in our own city was a proud moment.


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