Trex and Iron Project, Draper Utah

Here at CFC we specialize in unique projects. We recently completed a project in Draper with the combination of Woodland Brown Trex (a composite fencing) and Fortress Iron fencing. To make the [...]

Clearing Fence Lines

Clearing the fence lines— Before our crews can come out to begin stringing the string lines as to where the fence will be built, those lines need to be cleared of all encumbrances to provide [...]

Fence Considerations: Dog Owners

Dog Fencing and Escape Artists There are many extremely agile and athletic and dog breeds that one might attempt to contain like the American Pit Bull Terrier, Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, [...]

Mow Strip Tip

When having a Trex Seclusions fence installed, many customers are also requesting a mow strip under their new Trex fence be included at an added cost. Typically this mow strip is approximately 5” [...]

Communication is Key

When deciding to build a new fence, you must always keep in communication with all parties involved, whether it is neighbors, spouses, etc. Sometimes, one spouse is involved with the initial [...]

Anatomy of a Cedar Fence

After 25+ years of specialized fence building experience CFC Fences and Decks realizes that we have a tendency to speak almost a foreign language to customer exploring various fence styles and [...]

Trex Gate Adjustments

Trex composite fence is made out of a mixture of recycled plastics and wood, a Trex composite fence gate weighs about 100 lbs.  Over time your new Trex composite fence gate may come out of [...]

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