BYU Student Walkway

Earlier in the year BYU announced a major change in their campus layout. They’re adding a new pedestrian walkway to help ease pedestrian traffic after new dorms were put in. We love BYU campus. Our owner is a BYU alumni and nearly half of the office is as well. We love the expansions to BYU campus and think the pedestrian walkway will be a beautiful addition.

We do have one suggestion; however, add another boardwalk around the north duck pond.

In 2011 BYU vamped up the south botany pond by adding a Trex Composite Decking boardwalk around the pond. This lifted up visitors out of the mud that surrounded it before and made the whole area more enjoyable for everyone.

The North Duck pond is still lacking. When I drive by the north pond I always see students and families around the pond and they’re always sitting in the dirt or muddy grass around the pond.

Trex Transcend Composite Decking is the perfect solution. It’s already been done south of campus and will help unify the north and south ends of campus together in a unique way. Trex is durable and low maintenance so it won’t take much effort to keep it looking beautify long after the installation project is complete.

We know the perfect company for the job too. CFC is Utah’s only Trex Pro Platinum contractor. Trex has recently adjusted its warranty to include installation if a deck needs to be replaced for any reason. The catch is, that this installation warranty only is valid if a Trex Pro Gold or Trex Pro Platinum dealer installed the deck. In other words, if something does go wrong, by going with CFC then BYU will be ensuring that their deck will look amazing for years to come.

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